About Us

Welcome To The Church of United Spiritualism of Australia

Never has there been a time where it was more important for us to unite with our spiritual nature.

Spiritualism combines Religion, Philosophy & Science and is based on a belief in the continuous existence of the Soul and the ability to communicate with those Souls who have departed from the physical realm. Modern Spiritualism started with the Fox Sisters in 1848. Many small groups gathered together in America and then across Europe and England. Spiritualism spread to Australia along with the Victorian gold-rush in the 1860’s.

Today, across the World, countless Churches, Centres and Groups have been established to perpetuate the study and development of Spiritualism. From simple rapping’s, the Spiritualist movement now recognizes the communication that comes from the Spirit world through Mediumship. This communication is strongly based on the Medium being able to provide verifiable proof of the continuous existence of the Soul. 

The aim of Spiritualism is to affect a complete at-one-ment and unison of man with God, till every action and thought of man is in perfect harmony with the Divine Will. It is where our will and God’s will are one and the same.

It lays down no creed or dogmas.  It cheerfully lives out its religion in all times and places, acts, words and thoughts.