I would like to introduce myself, my name is Julieann Wakefield. I have been working with Spirit for over 28 years. During that time Spirit has led me on many grand adventures, remembering the many facets of my Souls growth and moving me forward.

I have had a Healing Centre, where Meditation, Astrology, Spiritual Development, Evidential Mediumship were experienced and taught.

I have travelled to India to remember what life is all about, only to have the experience in my own lounge room. I have travelled to Assisi in Italy and then one year later, I began channelling Francis of Assisi, and many, many more happenings.

I have been involved with Spiritualist Churches for 15 years. I was Ordained as a Reverend Minister in the Church of United Spiritualism of Australia in February 2009, my Church was in Golden Beach Caloundra, Sunshine Coast , Queensland.
For the last 7 years we have been travelling Australia in our caravan, as you can see from my photo definitely a grey nomad. We have now settled in beautiful Cairns where my partner and I both have family. I have sat back and watched the Divine working in
my life for this last 12 months weaving their magic to have us here and opening the new branch, of this wonderful denomination with a very dear friend who has been travelling this path longer than me.
As I write this I am bubbling over with excitement what is ahead and all the possibilities that the Divine has installed for all of us. Working in the energy and watching the miracles in people’s lives as
they allow the Divine, their Guides and loved ones into their lives, listening to their Souls and living
from a place of LOVE and TRUST.
WE look forward to meeting every one of you.

Reverend Julieann Wakefield

Venue: Red Cross Hall

Address: 51 Trinity Beach Rd, Trinity Beach, Cairns

When: Every Sunday afternoon

Time : 1:00 PM

Contact: Julieann Wakefield

Phone: 0438 762 348 

Facebook: The Church of United Spiritualism of Australia – Cairns