Our church is dedicated to the progress of the human soul, to raise the vibration of humanity and create harmony for the benefit of the whole human race. We have created a safe and fun environment, without judgment, to encourage mediumship, communication with Spirit, healing, peace & fellowship.

Reverend Kathy Mc Vann

We often receive lovely testimonials from visitors to our services:

“I love Cooroy spiritualist group. The energy and people raise me to a level of joy and euphoria. Thank you Rev Kathy for leading such an enlightening and vibrant event that continues to enrich and allow me to better connect with my soul” – Greg Hanson

“When I was guided to live in Cooroy, I had no fear of a new place with new people..why? My soul told me I would find Love and friendship.. and my “family” would be in the Church in Cooroy. What I found was indeed Love, and the most wonderful people who make my life filled with joy. The hugs, the kisses and the warmth, as my soul is greeted by other souls. With Love ️
Thank you Rev. Kathy” – Michael

Reverend Kathy Mc Vann

Venue:  QCWA Hall

Address: 19 Maple St COOROY QLD 4563

When: Every Wednesday

Time: 7:00 PM

Contact: Kathy Mc Vann

Phone: 0414 972 632 

Facebook: The Church of United Spiritualism of Australia – Cooroy