Equal Rights

Everyone has a living right to be equal. Both men and women are equal and both are entitled to having political, social and industrial success.

We promote and provide our environment free of all discriminations based on the colour of skin, the race of a person, the sex of someone, their national origin, their Religion, disability, age or sexual orientation

Spiritualism is a Religion and it has the freedom of its own Religious thought and expression and believes that it is the main point to all lasting good that is in the world.

United Spiritualism of Australia states that our Church has the right, honour, and privilege .to perform ceremonies pertaining to our Religion. Reverends and Minister Elects must always follow the code of conduct
as stated in our Constitution.

Our Sixth Principle covers Justice in the way that Karma works in our lives every day. Justice will come to those who in Gods eyes need to be taught in ways that everyone will reap what they sow, and for every action there is a reaction.