Hervey Bay

The Church of United Spiritualism of Australia – Hervey Bay is an amazing place to enjoy the spiritual joy of coming together as a group, to awaken your own inner spirit and meet like-minded people, forming new friendships.

As well as giving the opportunity to enjoy the spiritual growth that is gained by joining together in a friendly and supportive atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to awaken their own spiritual power within as we all learn and grow together as a spiritual group.

The church is held at the Senior Citizens Centre, located at 28 Totness Street, Torquay, and is where the community comes together to enjoy a variety of activities for health and well- being.

Reverend Leanne is a passionate and enthusiastic person who is looking forward to sharing with you all, the opportunity to provide a spiritually uplifting service, sharing knowledge and assist in giving guidance to you so you are better able to follow your path in spirituality, ensuring a supportive and nurturing environment to those who attend the church.

Reverend Leanne encourages others to follow their own intuition and spiritual growth.

Reverend Leanne also enjoys the spiritual gifts of creating through arts and craft and enjoys the beauty of life.

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Venue: Hervey Bay Seniors Citizens Club

Address: 28 Totness Street, Torquay

When: Every 1st and 3rd Monday evening of the Month

Time: 6:30PM

Contact: Rev. Kathy McVann

Phone: 0414772054

Facebook: The Church of United Spiritualism of Australia – Hervey Bay