History of the Church

The Denomination was founded by the late Arch Reverend Ann McCann. Prior to 1975, there were many individual Churches throughout Australia. Eventually they came together and began talking and sharing ideas and information about Spiritualism.

This progressed extensively and eventually there was a combined meeting of the individual Churches, where it was agreed that they would become a Denomination. Ann McCann was voted in as the Arch Reverend, as she had an extensive amount of knowledge of the Law and politics. Ann was also a high-ranking member of the Labour Party. This allowed her to learn the legal aspects for the Denomination. It was through Ann McCann that the Church of United Spiritualism became proclaimed on the 25th August 1975, by an Act of Parliament by the then Governor General Kerr.

Prior to this, anything connected to Mediumship, clairvoyance, psychics and any other connection to the paranormal, was illegal to do so. (See the Witchcraft Act, which was then the Vagrancy Act).

This was unique in itself, as it allowed previously illegal acts to become legal. The Denomination was proclaimed on the Lyceum Manual and its teachings, and a Constitution from the Lyceum Manual was formed.

This proclamation ensured that the Denomination of The Church of United Spiritualism of Australia has the right to have rites; i.e. the right to be married as a Spiritualist- under Marriage Act 1961, and to have naming and funeral services, held under the auspices of the Church.