The Church of United Spiritualism of Australia – Nanango offers a spiritually uplifting, healing, thought-provoking, and friendly atmosphere to create a sacred space so we are able to celebrate our spirituality through our service, gaining knowledge and wisdom with an open heart and mind. Encouraging each person to embrace their spirituality while forming friendships and uniting with other like-minded people.
Reverend Ailsa has an enthusiastic, friendly and positive personality. Her spirituality has brought with it many different pathways for her to explore through her life, and she has chosen to embrace all of those experiences and learn from them with an open heart so she is better able to support and give counsel to those that seek it.
Reverend Ailsa’s experience as a Reverend within The Church of United Spiritualism of Australia has given her a deeper spiritual belief and her aim is to bring about a sense of unity within her church community and the denomination as a whole.
You are invited to spend Sunday mornings with Reverend Ailsa, celebrating your spirituality at an uplifting spiritual service and after share some social time for a chat.  
If you would like more information in regards to being a guest speaker, doing mediumship platform or any other inquiries about The Church of United Spiritualism of Australia – Nanango.
Contact Reverend Ailsa on 0447 760 260 or message the facebook page.

Reverend Ailsa Vanderlaan

Venue: CWA Hall

Address: 59 Fitzroy Street, Nanango

When: Every Sunday morning

Time: 10:00AM

Contact: Ailsa Vanderlaan

Phone: 0447 760 260

Facebook: The Church of United Spiritualism of Australia – Nanango