Spiritual Services

Our Church services endeavour to provide guests with a message from spirit.

Messages in most cases are delivered by a guest medium, mediums will share from their particular gift of mediumship. Be it Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience or Claircognizance. See additional pages for more details on these four gifts.


This phenomenon is the intuitive ability of clear knowing. People that have natural Clair cognitive abilities are logical, enjoy thinking things out and frequently get ideas that suddenly pop into their head When the medium has learnt to separate his or her thoughts from those being received they speak with clear knowing.

This type of Mediumship can be recognized by the Medium saying I just have to say to you…


This phenomenon is by far the most common in the mental class and results in the medium ‘feeling’, or ‘being impressed’ to say or to describe the communicator’s message. The challenge lies in the need for the medium to ‘interpret’ the feelings and emotions that he or she is receiving and the medium must learn to separate his own feelings and emotions from those being communicated through him. Again, the medium can experience the phenomenon subjectively, when he is in ‘impressed’ to say or feel a certain thing, and objectively, when the feelings and emotions can be so ‘real’ that they cause a physical reaction in the medium, such as crying, laughter, a choking sensation, pain, etc.

This phenomenon can be recognized when the medium describes the feelings, emotional states and physical conditions of the communicators and his terminology will usually include statements such as ‘I feel…’, ‘I get the impression…’, etc.

The descriptions above relate to mental phenomena in its ‘perceptive’ state. In other words, the medium first perceives the phenomena and then attempts to pass it onto the recipient. A further state of mental phenomena is the ‘control’ state. This occurs when the communicating spirit steps within the ‘aura’ of the medium and, for a brief time, controls the conscious mind of the medium, speaking directly to the recipient. Often this state is accompanied by a distinct change the medium who can adopt the tone and pattern of speech if the controlling spirit, along with some of the physical characteristics, such as the way they sit, or gesture with their hands. In ‘good’ control situations these adopted characteristics can be very marked indeed, which serves to heighten the value of the evidence being communicated.


This phenomenon manifests itself through the medium in ones hearing the voices of spirit people.  Only the medium will be aware of the voices, as is the case with all mental phenomena, and he will relay the content of what is heard to the recipient, who should recognize the identity of the communicator from the information given.  Again, this phenomenon can be subjective, where the medium will hear voices inside their head and, objective, where the voices will appear to be physical sounds in the room. This type of Mediumship can be recognized by the Medium saying things like, ‘He’s telling me’, or, ‘She says she was with you, when you were’, or, ‘I’m hearing a deep male voice singing’. This means that the Medium is Clairaudient.


This phenomenon takes the form where the medium ‘sees’ pictures of people or objects and attempts to describe them to the point where they will be recognized by the recipient. This ‘seeing’ can be subjective, where the pictures appear to the medium to be in their ‘minds eye’, or objective, where the medium will see them in the same way as he or she sees his physical surroundings. What is seen, and the description thereof, should constitute evidence of the identity of the communicator.

If the medium, in a service or meeting, refers to a ‘seeing’ and is constantly attempting to describe the physical features of spirit people, it can be taken as an indication that the medium is a clairvoyant.


This phenomenon is the intuitive ability of clear knowing. People that have natural Clair cognitive abilities are logical, enjoy thinking things out and frequently get ideas that suddenly pop into their head When the medium has learnt to separate his or her thoughts from those being received they speak with clear knowing.

This type of Mediumship can be recognized by the Medium saying I just have to say to you…

What is Meditation

Meditation is a practical scientific system to verify the Truth that comes through personal experience. Through meditation, the will tries to transcend the condition it has put on itself, and this is the awakening of consciousness.

In meditation practice we banish the consciousness of being related to the body and to human limitation. By focusing on a single item and calming the mind, it allows you to find peace in the divine.

Meditation Techniques

Discipline and dedication to the process you choose will change your life.

• BREATHE with eyes rested closed, the practitioner simply takes full awareness to the in and the out breathe or the rise and fall of the chest.

• CANDLE the practise of looking at a candle for some time, then resting the eyes can allow the meditator easy access to go within.

• PHOTOS by looking at a picture of a guru, saint or loved one can bring a peace and calmness.

• GUIDE there are many guided meditations on CDs to assist the practice of meditation.

Meditation Benefits

Many practitioners after a brief time, report a variety of benefits to the health, relationships and general wellbeing. Improvements in physical and mental health assist in a greater quality of life.

What Is Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is recognized by many sacred texts, including the New Testament scriptures, and is a tenet of Ancient and modern religions. A Spiritual Healer possesses a gift, or talent, for passing Healing energy from Spiritual forces to recipients. This energy helps to bring about relief, and Healing of mental and physical and Spiritual conditions.

The primary manner of conducting Spiritual Healing is through the hands, with them being just above the person’s body. There is no need for touch, but if you feel you need touch, ask the person who you are Healing, if they would mind if you touch them first. In this instance, you are only allowed to touch the head and shoulders. Do not touch any other area of their body. Touching the recipient on any other part of their body is unnecessary, and charges of unprofessional conduct can result from doing so. Absent healing is also an important means of Healing.

In bringing about the Healing, Spirit beings combine their own Healing force with the magnetism and vitalisation energy of the Healing Medium. This energy is conveyed to the recipient, through the hands, or absent Healing, and is absorbed by the recipient. Absent healing works even if the individual does not know Healing is being sent.

Belief is the body’s ability to generate its own Healing energy, which is important in bringing about Healing. Thought is the basis of all actions. Our thoughts have an impact on every cell, for either Health or disease. Anger, fear, hatred, jealousy and despair depress vital energy. Faith, hope, happiness and kindness stimulate essential life forces and promote Healing.

What is Contact Healing/ Hands on Healing

With contact Healing the actual physical connection assists the Healer to transfer curative energy to the recipient. The Healer’s hand or hands are placed near the recipients head, shoulder, or both, thus becomes a conduit through which this energy flows. Always get permission from the recipient if you need to touch these areas. The Spiritual Healer may be acting as a transformer of the Spiritual energy to make it more readily absorbed by the recipient.

Many Healers place one hand above the recipients forehead and another at the back of the neck. Contact with the head and shoulders are sufficient for the purpose of Healing.

What is Absent Healing/ Distance Healing

Absent Healing is a curative power sent to someone at a distance. The Healer first cleanses their mind of doubt, the seed from which failure grows. Knowing that Healing is a reality aids the Healing in allowing Healing power to flow through easily. The word impossible disappears from their vocabulary, and true love for the one in need is expressed. Positive prayer creates a bond with Infinite Intelligence and Healing Spirit entities. Without this help, the Healer is powerless to relieve the recipients condition. The Healing Prayer is more than just words.It first appeals to the Unseen Healing Force to cleanse the Healer’s mind and body, and then asks that it heal others. Finally, it affirms our trust in the Infinites power and love. Prayer is a mighty force. When linked with energy from the Spirit  realms, it expands to embrace the positive, eliminates the negative, and helps perfect health to manifest.

Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is a claimed energy healing system developed and promoted by Choa Kok Sui (1952–2007), a Filipino entrepreneur and philanthropist of Chinese descent. Sui has also stated that pranic healing is like acupuncture and yoga in that it treats the “energy body” which in turn affects the “physical body”.


Chakra means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit. Achakra is an area in the body connected with life energy. There are seven chakras in the body – each is an interface for the flow of life energy. A chakra vitalizes a physical body and is associated with interactions of a physical or mental nature.

Following our registration by the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Australia on the 25th August 1975, Reverend Ministers were authorised to conduct weddings as a Minister of Religion.

Many of the Wedding services conducted since that date have allowed the couple to individualise the themes and location for their special day.

After changes to the Marriage Act 1961 (Cth) on the 9th December 2017. The denomination agreed to recognise two statements of belief concerning marriage, in order to honour the diversity of religious belief and ethical understanding within the country of Australia. This resolution gives the Reverend Ministers the freedom to conduct or to refuse for marriages of same-gender couples and others that may not agree to the churches seven (7) principles.

“Man has a continuous Spiritual existence which extends beyond the physical world of life into Eternity" 

With the knowledge that the true self “the Spirit within" does not die and can not die, it follows that the existencs of the “Spirit" is continuous. The passing from the physical world into the realms beyond is not the end. It is one of many “Soul" level experiences along the pathway of “Eternal life".

Just as the river unites with the ocean, so the soul unites with Divine. (Mundaka Upanishad (3.2.8)

Our Reverend Ministers individualise this special event, encompassing cultural and personal beliefs. 

The ceremony including prayer and dedication to the souls life on earth and its crossing over into the world of Spirit.

Creation from the Divine comes in many forms, none more magnificent than that of a child. The celebration of a naming ceremony-is a welcoming of a child into their family, as well as, into the universal family of humanity.

Our Reverend Ministers individualise this special event encompassing cultural and personal beliefs. The ceremony includes prayer and dedication to the nurturing and love offered by family and friends, and is truly one of the greatest support and celebration in a young souls journey.