The Seven Principles of Spiritualism

The Church of United Spiritualism of Australia Believes in and assists others in understanding.

The Seven Principles of Spiritualism

The Fatherhood Of God

“We are all equal in God’s eyes regardless of race, creed or the level of our understanding”

“The universal law of Cause and Effect operates for us all”

Spiritualism has as its first principle the Godhead as father of us all and we are God’s children. We are all children of one God.

God is the “source” of all life. Physical life and matter may change and decay but the intelligence and great spiritual force which creates matter continues Ad Infinitum.

God is the greatest fact in the universe and we each develop our own concept according to our“understanding”. The laws of the Supreme Spirit are constantly operating with cosmic justice.

God is the unfolder and sustainer the Father and Mother principle of all things. we exist because God’s “spark of divinity” is within each one of us. We can by our lives fan the “spark” into a “flame”so that a greater expression of divinity is made known through us.

God’s ” Loving” spirit understands our innermost heart together with any faults or failings. If we worship through “love” and “service” to one another we will receive God’s gift of “Love”, for God’s laws are reciprocal.

All God asks of us is to “LOVE” one another.

The Brotherhood of Man

” Only through a sense of brotherhood will peace and harmony be possible”

“This unconditional Love we strive for has been known as the Christ, Krishna or Buddha consciousness throughout ancient times”

” Peace will come to earth, one heart at a time. As each individual souls evolves into a brotherhood of oneness”

If the world is to become a better place, it will be achieved by a breaking down of barriers which separate humans from the fellowship of others. This is an important aim of Spiritualism, that teaches it is external beliefs and prejudices which separate people.

Once humans begin to seek within themselves, knowledge of their higher self. They begin to enlarge their visions and concepts. As humanity develops and evolves, it realises that in order to be of service to one another it needs to recognise that we are all uniquely individual and at the same time, part of the whole.

In service to one another, prayer and right actions should be the aim of all. Encouragement, support together with upliftment and healing are some of the forms of service we can extend and in this way serve God.

It is the law of Spirit, that service is an act that is reciprocal. There may not be material rewards, though it may be said, that Service” like Virtue” has its own reward.

It is better to give, than receive. In so doing we develop” in Spiritual terms and this by natural law, increases our power to do good and to experience the subsequent happiness and satisfaction in doing so. Spiritualism gives a new and higher meaning to the principle of brotherhood.

The Communion Of Spirit & The Ministry Of Angels


” Spirit communication and divine service”

” Love and knowledge is your protection”

The third principle is the key to Spiritualism as demonstrations proving soul’s survival after death, have transformed beliefs from a theories into  reality and religion from a creed into a living experience.

Many that have experienced losing a loved one have found solace and comfort through the evidence of Spirit Communion with that loved one. Mediumship is not the shadowy illusion of ” perhaps” or “maybe”. Rather it is the factual knowledge through this experience of evidence that gives us factual knowledge that the souls journey lives on in spirit.

Many spiritual leaders of the past together with ordinary men and women did not merely believe in this existence of a world beyond. They in fact “knew” it through the evidence of their own personal experience.

Spiritualism does not ask you to merely “believe”.  It asks you to find out for yourself through your own seeking and endeavours.

The word “Angel” simply means “Messenger”.The spirits who are sent to guide and inspire us are “Messengers” of God. Evidence is abundant as to the truth and reality of our immortal nature and our eternal destiny.

Through this principle of Spiritualism a clear relationship is ” revealed” between our individual lives and the “Messengers” in their Divine service. It brings us closer to the world beyond and the reality of the nearness of Spirit. This factual knowledge of “Spirit” is able to comfort and help us over the many obstacles in life. We too can also minister, as we are Spirit in the here and now.

The Continous Existence Of All Souls


” Man has a continuous Spiritual existence which extends beyond the physical world of life into Eternity”

With the knowledge that the true self “the Spirit within” does not die and cannot die, it follows that the existence of the “Spirit’ is continuous. the passing from the physical world into the realms beyond is not the end. It is one of many “soul’ level experiences along the pathway of “Eternal life”.

The physical body is cast aside as we leave the physical world. The “Divine” energy (soul) that animates humans, the God part or “Supreme Cosmic Energy” never dies.It is the indestructible part of us connected to the Eternal whole and it returns back to its source.

Upon leaving the body the soul may experience on any level states of torment as opposed to blissful ones “the concept of heaven or hell’ as for any two extreme polarities there are many different points in between for us to reconcile.

The pathway along which the soul travels and progresses sees it experience many “States of being” or “Consciousness”, ever moving, ever changing and ever existing and reaching ever higher frequencies of vibration. This continuum of the soul’s journey is one of growing and evolving towards greater Spiritual progress leading to full realisation. 

The philosophy of Spiritualism, through proof of survival asserts that humans have a continuous “Spiritual” existence which extends beyond the physical world of life into eternity.

Our “Spirit” is the indestructible and eternal aspect of our nature.

Personal Responsibility


“The choices we make, determines our fate”

“We all have to take personal responsibility for our own thoughts,words and actions”

In this principle, Spiritualism has a “Moral” stimulus for man.

Spiritualism asserts that each individual is personally responsible for his or her own actions and if one transgresses the natural law of “Spirit”, one experiences the consequences in proportion to the transgression. Although one may be helped or guided along life’s journey the ultimate choice of destiny depends on each individual and no one can be his“Brother’s keeper” equaling  “Personal responsibility”

Any form of “atonement” is achieved by our own endeavours in striving towards a better self, the highest by developing the “Power of Unconditional love” and offering “service” to others. Unless humans can “overcome their own errors”incurred through misguided thoughts and actions they cannot achieve Spiritual progress.

Spiritual progress is progressively achieved via the “struggle” of life’s problems and in the attempt to solve them. None of us are called upon to accomplish the impossible, however we each have our“appropriate part to play” in the cosmic plan. Our spirits are forged in the fire of experience and Spiritual progress, this is equal to all. “Heaven” is simply a “state of consciousness” and our judge is our conscience being the manifestation of the Divinity that procreates all things. 

When these “Divine” forces are neglected by us, discord and lack of harmony is set up within and around us. Personal responsibility is a challenge and to those who are able to accept this “challenge” it is also a great blessing. In the working for an improved ” Spiritual self” and to desire a brotherhood of mutual relationships, those willing contribute toward a more “harmonious”state of the world in which we live.

Compensation & Retribution Here & After For All The Deeds Done On Earth


“Internalize unconditional love as the ascended masters taught and live a new way of life”

“Strive to maintain Balance and Harmony”

The natural law of compensation and retribution means that, as we live this life we are determining our future life in the world of spirit. Our days determine our tomorrow’s in “Spiritual” terms. It is important to listen and make sure you have firm foundations in whatever you do and strive to balance contradictions ” within”.

If we neglect our spiritual or Cultural development we are merely neglecting our “Spiritual” selves in such a way that will demand a period of painful struggle, to “undo” and “amend” what we have neglected to do. On the other hand, if we have lived our lives to the best of our abilities and used any opportunities to progress we will enjoy the advantages which accrue from our efforts, in the form of Spiritual advancement and experience joy in the hereafter.

We set in motion “causes”, which are carried forward from this life and have their effect in the next, Ad Infinitum. Throughout the whole realm of the universe,“Evolution” and “Progress” is the destiny to which the almighty power call’s all souls.

Spiritualism maintains that “forgiveness” of sins is not achieved by utterances of words or creeds. “Forgiveness” is earned not bequeathed through the process of the law of cause and effect. Spiritualism encourages “Personal Development”. For each to seek and strive within their own soul. To develop the “Divinity” that resides within thereby activating infinite possibilities of “progress” both here and the hereafter.

Eternal Progress Open To Every Soul


” Spiritual growth or evolving requires effort, commitment and sometimes great sacrifice in human terms, for the good of the whole”

In the Spiritualist philosophy we accept the fact that the Spirit or Soul force is indestructible and lives on.

For the soul to not to keep living is to ignore a natural law. The phenomena of change is a process that exists in the very nature of all things, the illusion of death is but a change or transition. Certainly we shed the physical body encountering a period of rest that is individual in what is an age of eternity.

We cannot disassociate the idea of our existence and progress from the idea of God. God represents all things in the universe and as we are part of the universe, we are therefore part of God.

To progress is to constantly aim for higher Spiritual achievement even when progress may not appear easy. Great progress requires effort on the part of the individual and on rare occasions great sacrifice. Our Spiritual blessings are always in proportion to the effort we make.

As we stimulate the ” finer vibrations” within our souls, we raise ourselves ” higher” in the great Divine Spiral of Spiritual progress from sphere to sphere or from one ” state of consciousness” to another, ever changing in eternal life. For this reason it is important to live your “truth” and allow others to progress in their own way.

Spiritual ” Attainment” is available to us now and in the future life of the world of “Spirit”,an ever changing expression towards a greater unity and harmony with God eternally.